Weekly Community Event – GTA V Online, including Giveaway

We have thought about how we can involve you more as fans and spectators.

That’s why we agreed that every week on Saturday evening a community event will take place.
We will start with GTA V Online.
Other games are also planned, here you could for example also a Rocket League tournament organized.
If you have other suggestions, feel free to bring them here!

On 28.09.2019 we will search a playlist for the first time, which we will then play as a team against you.
The winner can win a 10€ Cashcard, no matter if for Steam, Xbox or PS4.

Who can participate?

In general, anyone who feels like it is allowed to participate. The places for the members of the team Eierkopf are of course reserved.
If you leave us all one Follow there, we would be very happy.

What is played

We determine a playlist to be played. This can be a Mixed List, as well as a pure Race– or RGP-List.
The whole thing we decide spontaneously on Saturday, here there are no fixed rules and it can therefore vary.

Who wins?

Winning is at the end of the players with most points.
If there is a stalemate among 2 or more spectators and/or team Eierkopf, there will be a sudden death.
We will then select another small playlist in which a maximum of 1 or 3 further competitions are represented.
Here the users only compete against each other.
All others, who were not on the first place, may watch at most still.
The winner of this playlist is the winner of the community event.

What if Team Eierkopf wins?

If one of us wins, the bet for the following week increases by 10€.
So if we win in week 1, it’s 20€ in week 2, 30€ in week 3 and so on.
But the end is at 50€.

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