The Gaming God

My name is Kunibert and I was there before being. I am also known as a god of games. I have controllers instead of hands, generally I am also very modest.

When I got bored once, I created the Big Bang, just to create my own game world around me. One after the other I play every level of every game, which I of course created myself. Meanwhile, the levels create end bosses especially for me, which I of course also create quite easy. In the meantime I have arrived at the earth level.

I’ve already played through every game before it’s completely installed on my hard drive. I always collect Achievments on 130%. I’ve never lost a game and I’ve never died anywhere. GTA Online I have already played through 2x and killed everyone on the server 3x. I played Minecraft in 5 minutes, the final dragon gave up on my arrival.

To defeat me is impossible. If I should lose, it’s just because I wanted to. Soon I have completed the earth level and will leave the Milky Way to defeat more Noobs in distant galaxies in their ridiculous games.

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